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Great Wall Delphi DCM3.7AP Immobilizer Emulator – The World’s First Solution

You can already find vehicles from Chinese manufacturers on the roads of Europe, that’s a fact, and Great Wall is one of them. In these types of cars with the DCM3.7AP engine control unit, it is common for the car to stop starting due to under-voltage in the vehicle. The reason for this is the loss of synchronisation of the immobiliser.

ECU DCM 3.7AP Great Wall

We used the VF2 flasher to read the controller correctly. It is important to get from the ECU the internal eeprom of the R5F72513R processor where the synchronization data is stored!

ECU DCM 3.7AP Great Wall - read R5F72513R with VF2

In most e-shops dealing with the issue of immo emulators you will not find a solution for Great Wall, we are the only one.

The emulator from the experienced developer ECUSERWIS is exceptional, it correctly emulates a damaged immobilizer, thanks to a sophisticated algorithm. You can seamlessly do an engine control unit update without disabling the immobilizer emulation. With our emulator, you do not overwrite any data in the engine control unit (you avoid problems of engine speed fluctuations, loss of power, …). The immobilizer emulation remains fully functional.

ECU DCM 3.7AP Great Wall - immo emulator pinout

Algorithm accuracy characterizes all Ecuserwis emulators, from basic to specific, which you can rely on. You won’t find a Great Wall solution in any of the immo emulator e-stores.

You will soon be able to purchase an emulator in our e-shop.